7 Ways a Truck Crash Lawyer Can Help Your Claim

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Unfortunately, auto accidents are a very common occurrence in California. In fact, The Golden State has the highest auto accident fatality rate in the nation. Notably, California also has the largest fleet of commercial trucks, surpassing all other states. In 2021, there were 5,700 large trucks involved in fatal truck accidents across the United States. This is an 18% increase in fatal truck accidents from the previous year. Truck accident injuries are often severe and can result in extensive medical bills and damages. In this article, we will explore seven essential ways a truck crash lawyer can support and strengthen your claim, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.

Read on for seven major benefits of hiring a truck accident lawyer.


1. Provide Strategic Legal Expertise

If you were hit by a truck driver, whether you were driving, walking, or cycling, it’s crucial to seek medical attention immediately. Truck accidents pose significant dangers due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks, resulting in severe injuries, property damage, and often, wrongful death. Truck accident victims can pursue compensation for their injuries in a personal injury claim.

When filing a claim, a plaintiff will have to prove certain elements to establish negligence.

  • The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care.
  • The defendant did not uphold their duty of care.
  • The truck accident was caused directly by the defendant’s negligent actions.
  • The truck crash left the plaintiff seriously injured. The plaintiff suffered damages caused by the truck accident.

An experienced truck accident lawyer will know what laws impact your case, how to gather compelling evidence, and what types of precedents have been set in your local court system.

In California, truck accident lawsuits are governed by different laws and regulations from those of regular car accidents. Truck accident cases are more complicated because they often involve multiple parties including truck drivers, trucking companies, and insurance companies.

Additionally, trucking companies have insurance companies backed by a team of lawyers and investigators. The insurance company’s goal is to minimize its liability and protect its bottom line. Truck accident attorneys will protect your rights and provide the strategic legal advocacy you need to win your case.


2. Compile the Right Evidence

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It’s essential to gather evidence as soon as possible after a truck accident. You want to gather as much evidence as possible regarding the truck accident and your related injuries.

An experienced truck accident attorney will help you gather evidence including:

  • Photos and CCTV videos
  • Witness statements
  • Expert witness statements
  • Medical records
  • Police reports

They will also help you calculate your expenses including medical bills, lost wages, and more to establish the extent of your injuries, the extent of your medical expenses, your reduced capacity to work, and anything else that has impacted your finances.


3. Help You Get the Medical Care You Deserve

Trucking accidents are life-changing, often resulting in catastrophic injuries. Truck accident attorneys can help you get access to top medical care. Not only will you be able to focus on your recovery, but your truck accident lawyer will ensure you have the right evidence to establish the facts of your case. Without seeking medical care, it will be extremely difficult to prove that you sustained serious injuries from the truck accident, which means that your claim could be denied by the insurance company.

It’s crucial to get a medical evaluation and to follow your prescribed treatment plan. An experienced truck accident lawyer will help you prove and calculate your losses.


4. Level the Playing Field

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When you file a truck accident claim, you’re filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. You won’t be negotiating with the other driver, you’ll be negotiating with the truck driver’s or the trucking company’s insurance company.

Insurance company lawyers have one goal: to lower your settlement. They will do whatever they can to throw your claim into question or try to assign you a share of the fault. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you level the playing field and ensure that you have a legal expert in your corner.


5. Fight for a Fair Settlement

If there is one thing that insurance company lawyers understand, it’s that personal injury plaintiffs are in a desperate position. Accident victims often incur lots of medical bills and their decreased paycheck is straining their bank account. Therefore, they will try to take advantage of the injured victim’s situation and will encourage them to settle quickly and settle low.

Truck accident lawyers know how to negotiate and they know how to spot a low offer. Your personal injury lawyer will advise you on when to keep pushing for a higher settlement and when to recognize that you’ve reached the highest settlement you can.


6. Take Care of Personal Injury Matters While You Recover

You’ll certainly have time to recover before you open a legal claim, right? Not exactly. In the state of California, you have two years from the time of the accident to file your personal injury claim before it’s too late.

The good news is that when you hire an experienced personal injury attorney, you won’t have to do the majority of the work. Your attorney will ask for your input, assistance, or presence when needed. Otherwise, you can prioritize your health and well-being while your attorney takes care of the rest.


7. Prepare Your Truck Accident Case For Court

It’s rare for personal injury claims to make it to the courtroom. The vast majority are settled outside of court without the oversight of a judge. However, it is possible for a personal injury claim to go to court, and you want to ensure that you’re prepared if it does.

Once a personal injury claim goes to court, it’s up to the judge to make the final decision regarding the settlement. That means that you’ll need a bulletproof argument, and a personal injury lawyer can put one together before bringing it to the judge.


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