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Less than half (47.8%) of Uber drivers reported being happy with their jobs in 2019. As you’d imagine, unhappy and overworked rideshare drivers don’t make for the safest or best experiences. In the worst cases, it can even lead to an accident.

If you get involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, then you need to know your rights. Speaking with a Torrance rideshare accident lawyer can help you learn more about your rights, legal options, and responsibilities after your collision. Without legal guidance, you may end up bearing the majority of the losses resulting from your accident on your own. Filing a personal injury claim and winning a settlement from your motor vehicle accident is what you need to do to recover damages.

Learn more about what to do after a ridesharing accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver, and discover more about how our experts here at South Bay Accident Lawyers will help you thrive through this crisis.

How South Bay Accident Lawyers Will Help You

Coping with losses after a rideshare car accident can be confusing and complicated. Before the accident, you might have been under the impression that Uber or Lyft themselves would help cover any losses associated with accidents that happened under their drivers’ watch. When you find out that’s not the case, it can feel a lot like the rug has been pulled out from under you.

Here at South Bay Accident Lawyers, we understand your frustration. We also know exactly what you’re going through, as we’ve represented countless injured rideshare passengers throughout the Torrance area. As a result, we are very familiar with the local courtroom here, and we have a professional report with many regular court workers. We’ve also developed working relationships with medical witnesses in the area, too. You can lean on all these advantages by opting to hire one of our attorneys at South Bay Accident Lawyers.

On top of those benefits, we also won’t charge you anything to discuss your case with us. Yes, we offer a free consultation. We’ll discuss your case and then learn that we don’t think you have the basis to seek out a lawsuit. When we do see a potential claim, we’ll walk you through the next steps without asking you to foot the bill right away. Instead, we can work on a contingency basis, which means we only get paid when you do.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Torrance Uber Accident Lawyer

Having an experienced Lyft accident attorney on your side is invaluable. Not only will a good lawyer know the ins and outs of the law, but they’ll also know exactly how to negotiate with the responsible parties. By building up a solid case before approaching the other party, your lawyer will be confident that the figure they’re asking for is backed up with documentation and proof.

If you’re currently dealing with the insurance company, then your lawyer can handle that, too. Never make the mistake of accepting a subpar offer from the insurance company just to be over with the claim. A good lawyer can check on your personal auto insurance’s collision coverage to find out just how covered you are and discuss with the insurance provider and their rideshare’s liability coverage on your behalf for the best result possible.

If an agreement during the negotiation stage cannot be met, then a lawsuit against Uber or Lyft is the next step. Attempting to take on these large corporations without legal representation will be incredibly difficult. The good news is that the right personal injury lawyer won’t leave you guessing on how to proceed. Our legal team at South Bay Accident Attorneys is 100% prepared for every aspect of a personal injury case.

How Much is a Rideshare Accident Claim Worth?

Your rideshare claim settlement should account for all the losses you endured after your accident. In most cases, that includes tangible and intangible damages, like your current and future medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering. Every rideshare accident is unique, so your claim’s value hinges on the specific losses you faced.

In addition, if Lyft or Uber is found liable for damages, victims of these car accidents could be eligible for the rideshare companies’ $1 million commercial policy payout. There are different tiers to this policy, and it’s based on when the accident occurred.

Speak with our attorney today if you’re interested in learning more about how to value your accident claim.

The Most Common Causes of Rideshare Accidents

Rideshare drivers are often under a lot of pressure to perform in an efficient manner, while also multi-tasking at the wheel. They need to not only drive you safely to your destination, but they also need to be quick, efficient, and nice, too, in addition to following GPS directions in unfamiliar territory while receiving notifications from the app.

Any low rating could dramatically cost them a positive rating with the platform, so they’re often very persistent in ensuring that you’re happy and comfortable. While that can feel good as a passenger, it could cause the driver to be so distracted by you that they end up in an accident. Here are a few other common causes of rideshare accidents:

  • Attempting to navigate unknown roads
  • Rideshare driver fatigue
  • Unsafe pickup, parking, or driving locations
  • Poor rideshare car maintenance
  • Speeding or reckless driving
  • Inexperience
  • Bad weather
  • Drinking and driving

Further, other drivers on the road might cause the crash that you and your rideshare driver get involved in. When it comes to negligence, it’s possible that another motorist absolutely caused the car accident. Therefore, it’s mandatory that the accident is investigated and all potentially liable parties are held accountable.

How to Determine Liability After a Ridesharing Accident

In Torrance, courts will use comparative negligence, which means each driver will be liable for the accident based on their degree of fault. This can be very complicated to determine when multiple drivers are involved. By law, negligence happens when a duty of care existed, the duty was breached, the breach of duty directly caused an accident, and that the accident caused an injury.

If the rideshare driver was using the app during the crash, then Uber or Lyft might be named a potentially liable party, too. For a better idea of what to expect, speak with our experienced rideshare accident attorney about your crash.

Common Injuries After Rideshare Accidents

Most rideshare passengers end up sitting in the backseat of cars. The bad news is that more severe injuries are likely to backseat passengers, especially if they aren’t wearing their seatbelts correctly. Here are a few of the most common types of injuries sustained by rideshare passengers:

  • Chest injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken ribs
  • Whiplash and neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Broken bones, fractures
  • Strains and sprains
  • Cuts and burns

What to Do After an Uber or Lyft Accident

Ridesharing experiences can feel very impersonal and transactional until you end up in an accident. Then, suddenly, your driver’s attitude might completely change. Your rideshare driver doesn’t have an incentive to make sure your rights are upheld, so you need to make sure you know what to do after the crash.

First, make sure that the police are called. If your rideshare driver or other involved parties object, then let them know that you have the right and responsibility to call the authorities after an accident. If you don’t uphold your right to contact the police, then there will never be any official documentation, like a police report, or proof that there was ever an accident in the first place.

While you wait for the authorities, make sure to take plenty of photographs and videos of the accident scene. If possible, then also take photographs of your rideshare driver, too. Capture a screenshot that highlights the details of your ride.

Once the police arrive, give them your statement in full detail. If you witnessed who was at fault, then make that clear to the police. Once you’ve done so, it’s time to seek out medical care. If your situation is dire, then you’ll get treatment at the scene of the accident and likely get transported to a nearby hospital. You’re not obligated to get this immediate medical care, but it is advised that you get the care you need as soon as possible after the accident. If you’re not treated at the scene, then it’s advised you head over to the emergency room or to your regular doctor’s office.

Next, you’ll need to analyze your situation. Did your Lyft or Uber accident result in substantial losses or a significant injury? If not, then there may not be any reason to seek out a case. If you are facing substantial losses, then it’s far better to get in touch with an Uber accident attorney as soon as possible to learn more about what to do next.

Consult With Our Torrance Lyft or Uber Accident Lawyer

Every Uber or Lyft accident is a unique situation. Some rideshare passengers who end up in accidents come out completely unharmed and unbothered. Others suffer long-term injuries and wind up traumatized from the ordeal. A small percentage even lose their lives in fatal vehicle accidents, resulting in wrongful death.

Does your accident fall somewhere along that scale? If so, then it’s in your best interests to speak with a Torrance Uber accident lawyer. A good lawyer will seek to learn more about your accident and help you determine the true value of your losses as soon as an attorney-client relationship is established. They’ll inquire further about what caused your crash and help you determine if you have the basis to seek out a claim or not.

Are you currently looking for an Uber or Lyft accident lawyer in Torrance? If so, then our trusted rideshare attorneys can help. Contact our law firm for your free case evaluation and learn more about your legal options and how to get the fair compensation you deserve.