8 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Torrance, CA

Personal Injury Attorney in Torrance

Getting into an accident can bring a lot of inconvenience to your life. If you got hurt, you’re going to have a road to recovery that comes with medical procedures and physical therapy.

You might miss time from work and deal with depression. It takes resolve and patience to recover from a car accident.

Most importantly, you’ll need the help of a quality attorney that can win your case.

Here are eight benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney in Torrance.


1. Lawyers Provide Stability and Calm to the Situation

When you have a car accident case, emotions are high and you’re likely in a lot of physical pain. You went from life as usual to missing indefinite time from work and trying to replace your damaged vehicle.

An accident lawyer will quickly assure you that you have a legal basis to recover every penny you need for your injuries and will lay out a legal strategy.

Adding normalcy and a plan can help you de-stress and take care of your medical recovery.


2. You’re Likely to Recoup a Bigger Payout

It’s a fact that plaintiffs that hire lawyers generally get bigger payouts. A study says that lawyers win 3.5 times bigger payouts, on average.

These professionals understand the law and what standards must be met to win your case. They’ll acquire the evidence that you need to prove your claim and substantiate your story of events.

Getting a bigger payout means that you’ll have the money that you need to pay for your injuries in full. This includes both physical injuries from your medical bills and any pain and suffering that resulted from the trauma of the accident.


3. Medical Expenses Add Up Quickly

traumatic brain injury

You need to hire a car accident attorney because there’s, quite simply, too much at stake not to. Close to 60% of participants in a study said that their bankruptcy filing was due to medical expenses.

Bills quickly add up even for regular physician visits, and medical bills from surgeries can easily reach the five and six figures. Car accident recovery quickly adds up, so you’ll need the best chance of winning your case, which only comes with professional help.


4. Car Accident Lawyers Have Extensive Legal Knowledge

Hiring a car accident attorney gives you the advantage of years of legal knowledge. These lawyers have built their careers studying case law, writing legal arguments, negotiating settlements, and navigating this area of law.

Trying to represent yourself leaves the case to chance, along with your ability to pay your medical bills long-term. It’s easier to relax and heal when you have an attorney whose legal knowledge and strategy you trust.

Any attorney you hire is certified by the Bar Association and should be able to provide references and a breakdown of their history practicing law.

Lawyers also have legal specialties that you can take advantage of.

They can just as easily help you with a truck accident case, so you can protect yourself from liability, pay for truck repairs, and get back to earning a living. These professionals will also assist you with car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other auto accident cases.


5. Lawyers File Paperwork on Your Behalf

Trying a case by yourself is tough because there are lots of procedures and obligations involved that you might not know how to handle. This includes several legal filings and preliminary documents you’ll need to secure.

Having a lawyer helping you means that all of your filings will be handled correctly and on time. Your lawyer will file formal paperwork in your local civil court so that your case is on the record and moving forward.


6. They’re Aggressive Advocates and Negotiators

Negotiation has to be a strong suit for personal injury lawyers. The reason for this is the majority of cases are settled, rather than decided in front of the judge.

A lawyer will set up a deposition, contact potential witnesses and expert witnesses, and lay out all the facts in a settlement. They will advocate for you and fight to get the maximum compensation available.

Car accident lawyers look at the big picture and understand that medical recovery can be a long-term process that may require a large sum of money to support it.


7. Liability May Be in Question

drivers exchanging information after car accident

A lawyer is particularly helpful if liability is at all in question. Proving fault isn’t always an open-and-shut case, and a lawyer will help prove it.

They understand the burdens of proof for establishing fault and will strengthen your case with evidence and consistent testimonies. Lawyers often even go the extra mile of studying the accident scene and using engineers to recreate the accident.

An experienced personal injury attorney will come to the negotiation table with the best strategy possible.


8. Attorneys Can Resolve Your Case Quickly

Finally, it’s in your best interests to work with a lawyer because they’ll handle your case expeditiously. The longer you go without a settlement check, the longer you’re going without a clear way to pay your medical bills.

Car accident attorneys will move your case along toward a speedy resolution while making sure you’re paid everything you’re owed.


The Benefits of Working With a Personal Injury Attorney in Torrance

These eight tips will help you out if you’re questioning whether to hire a personal injury attorney in Torrance.

South Bay Accident Lawyers can help you with any personal injury case you have a question about. If you need assistance, contact us online or by calling (424)571-4994.

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