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At South Bay Accident Lawyers, our law office will assist clients to feel whole again. From filing an insurance claim to assisting with car repairs to recovering from common car accident injuries, each accident lawyer from our law office is fully capable of providing superior legal representation. Other motor vehicle crashes we handle include:

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Personal Injury Accidents in Torrance, CA

Oftentimes, injured victims can feel isolated and intimidated and end up accepting the first offer from the insurance company without getting a fair settlement. After a serious injury from an accident, you need to focus on healing, not having to negotiate with an insurance company. Unlike insurance companies, we have your best interests in mind when you file an accident claim. Our accident lawyers hold the at-fault party accountable, ensuring you get full and fair compensation.

Our accident attorneys exclusively deal with personal injury claims surrounding motor vehicle accidents. Whether victims have been injured in a bicycle accident, rideshare accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, car accident, or lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident, in Torrance, CA, our law firm is here to help! At South Bay Accident Lawyers, we will fight to protect your legal rights, financial well-being, and best interests. Set up a free consultation today.

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No Fees Until We Win

Our law firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay anything until we win your car accident case. Our award-willing law firm excels at winning and maintains a 99% win rate. We understand the trauma that car accidents cause to injured clients. Therefore, while you focus on healing, we will handle the rest. Find a Torrance car accident lawyer near you and schedule a free consultation today.

Get The Medical Treatment You Need

Worried about medical bills after a car crash? Medical expenses can devastate many car accident victims, jeopardizing their financial, mental, and emotional well-being. We have you covered. Our Torrance law firm has connections with some of the best medical institutions across Los Angeles County. We can help our clients get access to top medical specialists in Torrance, CA.

Common car accident injuries have the potential to completely alter a person's life. From traumatic brain injury (TBI) to broken bones to other catastrophic injuries, a car crash can have devastating effects.


Recover Lost Wages

Have you been forced to miss work and lose income as a result of a motor vehicle accident? Lost wages typically refer to past income lost. However, California law also allows injured victims to sue for the lost earning capacity that was a result of the car crash. This refers to the income the car accident victim will be unable to earn in the future.

Our Torrance car accident attorneys will fight to protect your financial well-being and legal rights. We are a committed and dedicated group of accident attorneys in Torrance, CA who will provide the legal services you need. In addition, our personal injury firm will do what it takes to get you the maximum compensation available in your specific case.

Get an Experienced Accident Attorney in Torrance
When you hire South Bay Accident Lawyers you will get a dedicated team of experienced legal professionals who know how to properly manage the insurance claim process. Our mission is to help accident victims recover the compensation they need to rebuild their lives. You can trust our award-winning accident lawyers. We have a 99% success rate and have won millions in settlements for our clients.

Should I File a Personal Injury Claim?

If you have sustained serious injuries or lost a family member from wrongful death as a result of another driver’s negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation. A personal injury claim can help you recover damages for property damage, medical bills, lost income or earning potential, pain, and suffering. Without an experienced car accident attorney, it is very difficult to get the compensation you deserve. We'll do what it takes to get you the maximum compensation. 

It is crucial to hire legal counsel quickly because the statute of limitations only gives you 2 years from the car accident to file a claim. With a seasoned Torrance car accident lawyer, you can ensure you will have the best legal representation on your side, dedicated to delivering the best possible results for your case. Our experienced law firm specializes in personal injury law, as it pertains to motor vehicle accidents. The South Bay Accident Attorneys team will work with each client individually, providing aggressive and strategic legal representation. Contact a personal injury attorney for a free 1-on-1 consultation.

How to Handle Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists in California

The legal system pertaining to car crashes is complex. The minimum liability insurance requirement in California is $15,000 for injury or death to one person. Consequently, many California drivers carry the minimum amount of car insurance, which is typically not enough to cover injury costs like medical bills. Medical treatment costs for auto accidents are on the rise. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the average cost per vehicle for property damage only is $4,700. Where there is an evident injury in a car accident, the average cost of medical bills is around $29,200. The average cost of a non-fatal disabling injury resulting from a car accident is $101,000.

When a driver is uninsured, it can cause major challenges in obtaining a fair settlement. Therefore, it is crucial for drivers to carry uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage on their auto insurance policy. If you sustain injuries from an uninsured motorist in a car crash, you can put in an accident claim to recover damages. Similarly, if you are injured by an underinsured motorist who is unable to fully compensate you for damages, an insurance company will cover the remaining balance of what is owed to you.

However, it is important to consider that your insurance company may not keep your best interests in mind. Insurance adjusters are equipped to find reasons to justify a low settlement or deny the claim completely. South Bay Accident Lawyers know how to protect you from being taken advantage of by your insurance company.

What is the Value of My Case?

The value of your car accident claim will depend on factors like if you have sustained serious injuries, property damage expenses, medical bills, and the personal injury attorney representation you have. An experienced car injury attorney can recover compensation much higher than someone unfamiliar with personal injury law.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Bikers statistically suffer serious injuries from motorcycle crashes more often than other motorists on the road. Nearly 80% of motorcycle crashes result in an injury to the biker. With lane splitting being a legal maneuver in California, more motorcyclists are putting themselves at risk of a motorcycle crash with passenger vehicles. An average of 500 fatal motorcycle accidents occur annually in California alone. If you suffered serious injuries in an accident with another motorist, then you’re likely wondering how to proceed and what to do next.

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Torrance, CA, is a flourishing city in Los Angeles County with over 140,000 people (2020). It is home to Wilson Park, one of the larger parks in Torrance, and a center for sports and leisure activities. Wilson Park was acquired in 1974 and was once originally a site of the U.S. Naval Annex. Torrance, CA is also well-known for The Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Torrance Art Museum, and gardens like the South Coast Botanic Garden and the authentic Pine Wind Japanese garden. Torrance also has the 405 Freeway, a major freeway in Southern California that accounts for several car accidents each year.

At South Bay Accident Lawyers, our Torrance accident injury lawyers are committed to recovering the highest compensation our clients deserve. Our law firm specializes in car accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, rideshare accidents, and wrongful death accidents in Southern California. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.